Google Play Music All Access takes on Spotify with music streaming

We heard rumors during the calm of the storm last night before Google I/O, and now it's official. Google today announced what they're calling Google Play Music All Access, which is the company's own take on music streaming, and they look to take on Spotify and Rdio, which are the two main heavyweights in this category.

The mobile app looks to have all of the same features that we've seen in music streaming subscription services in the past, including personalized recommendations, featured music, and the ability to create radio stations out of the music that you enjoy the most. This gets based on a certain artist or song, similar to how Pandora creates different stations.

While a song is playing, you also have the choices of giving it the thumbs up or thumbs down, as well as the ability to rearrange future songs in the automated playlist, as well as swiping away the songs you don't want to listen to. Google says that All Access is a music player "without rules," meaning that you can have be as interactive as you want, or just let it do it's thing.

Basically, it's nothing that we already haven't seen before in Spotify, Pandora, or Rdio, but there are a few minor features that music enthusiasts may enjoy greatly. Plus, if you're already deep into the Google ecosystem, this could be a great addition to your app collection. And like Spotify, you can upload your own music to the app and have it appear right along side all the other content. All Access will also be available as a web app for cross-platform enjoyment. As for price, you're looking at $9.99/month for unlimited access.