Google Play gets in app subscriptions

Google has announced that it has added a new feature to its Google Play store. The store has had in app billing for about a year to allow users to purchase things directly from an app such as game expansions and other virtual goods. This week Google announced another new feature for the store allowing for the purchase of in app subscriptions.

The new in app subscriptions uses the same platform as in app billing has been using for a year now. The change is that Google now allows recurring charges to be made on a subscription basis for all sorts of things. Google notes that all subscriptions are automatically renewing for every app again and every type of subscription product.

Developers only need to set the price, and the billing interval and Google Play manages the purchase transactions in the background. For consumers purchasing a subscription, Google Play shows specifically what they will be charged and on what interval the charges will be made such as monthly. The system will also send the subscriber an e-mail each time they are renewed. Subscriptions can also be canceled when wanted or needed by visiting the My Apps section in the Play Store.

[via Android Community]