Google Play edition: Z Ultra price drops as Galaxy S5 turns up

Google's Play Store has seen some unexpected changes today, with a price drop and potential leak of a new device. The Sony Z Ultra is getting a pretty drastic price drop, while the still-unannounced Galaxy S5 Google Play edition device may have shown up. Is one making way for another, or are these coincidence?

The Sony Z Ultra is one of the biggest smartphones on offer, with a 6.4-inch screen giving it near Nexus 7 dimensions. The 1920 x 1080 screen is no slouch, though, packing a 342 PPI. Sadly, the device is missing Sony's latest in mobile device camera offerings, bringing only an 8MP shooter to the party. At $449, it's a great deal on a massive phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 GPe device is yet to be announced, but is peeking its head around the corner at us. The current Samsung GPe device, the Galaxy S4, now has a picture of an S5 rather than an S4 for the main image. The rest of the page is jsut as it was, though, so we're not sure what to make of it. Coincidence, or are a price drop and Galaxy S5 slip-up just odd grist for the mill?

The Galaxy S5 GPe device — if it's even coming — will likely replace the Galaxy S4, but a price drop of an older model is interesting when considering a new device may be on the way. For now, we've got no official word of a Galaxy S5 GPe, so it's all just fun speculation and odd coincidence.

Source: Play Store