Google Pixelbook Go Not Pink option is finally now available

It's almost hard to believe that the Google Pixelbook Go has already been out for three months now, and that's partly because it was still missing what could be considered its "launch color". The "Not Pink" option was the head-turning color that leaked before the announcement and its confirmation definitely sparked discussion, interest, and pre-orders. Fortunately, it seems that the waiting game is finally over and Google's second, final, and more expensive Pixelbook Go color is available for purchase.

Google has traditionally reserved its whimsical color names for its Pixel phones which is one of the reasons why this Not Pink Pixelbook Go generated some interest. Additionally, it's not exactly a common color among laptops, especially ones targeted at professionals rather than students or kids. Unfortunately, it took Google three months to finally make that available.

It isn't without some catch, though. Unlike the Just Black version, the Not Pink Chromebook doesn't have a Core m3 configuration available. That means that the cheapest one you can buy in this hue is the $849 tier with an Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB storage. It's also available at the $999 and Core i7 $1,399 price points if that's your cup of tea.

Pink or Black, the Pixelbook Go definitely evoked some discussion among Chromebook users. Google painted it almost like a "return to roots" product, focusing on portability by doing away with features that it has accumulated over the years. Long story short, it's back to being a more traditional Chromebook laptop, albeit with a touch screen and a ribbed bottom to improve its grip.

That didn't make it exactly that much cheaper though, with the original Pixelbook starting at $999 for the same but older specs as the $899 Pixelbook Go. It will be facing some tough competition on the high-end Chromebook market as well, with Samsung Galaxy Chromebook looking even more stylish in glaring red.