Google Pixel Buds wireless earbuds will get feature drops

The latest iteration of Google's Pixel Buds wireless earbuds will get feature drops just like Pixel smartphones, Google has confirmed. With this, Google will release future updates that expand the functionality or usefulness of the earbuds, giving users access to new features in a way similar to how Google regularly adds new features to its Pixel handsets.

Google confirmed the plan to release Pixel Buds feature drops to Forbes, though it didn't say when it will release the first feature drop nor what device owners can expect when the update arrives. The Pixel Buds updates aren't planned to happen at the same time as Pixel phone feature drops, however, which makes sense given the relatively few feature additions one could expect with earbuds.

As expected, the feature drops will be used to add additional features to the Pixel Buds, which are now available from Google for $179 USD. This iteration of the Pixel Buds features a round design that sits nearly flush in the ear, battery life that is promised to last all day, and direct access to Google Assistant.

Other Pixel Buds features include Adaptive Sound, which adjusts the audio volume to automatically accomodate changes in ambient noise levels, as well as microphones and sensors that enable the Pixel Buds to focus on the user's own voice while tuning out unwanted background sounds.

Buyers also get a water-resistant design so that the Pixel Buds can be used while sweating or in the rain, plus the earbuds can be used directly with Google Translate to get real-time translations without pulling out one's smartphone. The earbuds are charged in a wireless charging case that features USB-C; connectivity is over Bluetooth 4.0+, plus there's support for Find My Device in case the Pixel Buds are lost.