Google Pixel 2 is shaping up to be a mixed bag

It won't be for another month before we see the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in the flesh, so fans of both the phones and Android in general are still crossing their fingers for their favorite, or least favorite, rumor. While most of the details about Google's second generation phones have already been leaked to death, 9to5Google has obtained some last minute deets that paint a rather ambiguous picture of the Pixel 2.

Good news: the Pixel 2 will finally have better waterproofing. In fact, according to once source it might even be IP68, the highest rating available. The first Pixel's lack of that reassurance was one of its most heavily criticized flaws.

Bad news: that might have come at the expense of the headphone jack. The venerable 3.5 mm hole has largely been blamed for making phones thick and less waterproof, though some OEMs like Samsung would definitely disagree. Google is reportedly brainstorming on how to spin the removal of the headphone jack in a positive light.

Good news: there are two holes beneath the LED flash that are allegedly for lase sensors for the Pixel 2's Laser detect AF. and perhaps for some AR uses as well. Slightly bad news, Google hasn't moved towards OIS at all. Then again, given how well it did even with just EIS, that might not be much of an issue. The company, however, is working on improving the Pixel 2's low light capabilities.

The Google Pixel 2 might start with 64 GB from the get go, but only because there has been no sign of anything lower. Always on display functionality is also expected to be added to both phones. As a consequence, the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 might launch with an Android 8.1 version that will be exclusive to the two for a time. Exactly like the first Pixels and Android 7.1.