Google patent app puts fragmented social networks and services in one place

I'm not that big on social networking, but for many people social networking is a huge deal. Google already has a myriad of offerings that are social in nature, even if they aren't Facebook, which many think of when they hear social networking. Many of Google's various services have a social edge to them. The catch is that many of the services are accessed through their own portals making the act of following them tedious.

A new patent app from Google shows that the search giant is thinking about making interaction with all its varied social services much more streamlined. The interface shows what looks like a Facebook News Feed or Twitter feed. All of those varied services from Google post updates and other bits of information on the one screen. It all looks very interesting, and I could see this being tightly integrated into any Android or Chrome OS device for sure.

I like the second image in the gallery best. You see a long line of icons for various Google services and clicking one of them will bring you to the updates and messages that come with that service. I also see the Facebook icon thrown in there. I would use a single app that would allow me to follow every social network I use in one place if Google offered it. Granted for me that is only Facebook, but if you are a heavy social network user this might be the perfect app from a name that most of us knows.

[via Android Community]