Google packs its I/O 2013 website with Easter eggs

Google is known for its liberal use of Easter eggs among its products and software, and the Google I/O 2013 website is no exception. The website was just updated, and it is packed full of Easter eggs and fun surprises to hunt down. Check out a few of them after the jump, then head over to the website yourself to see how many of them you can find.

First things first, head on over to the official Google I/O website here and give the "I/O" characters on the page a click. You'll notice the Is and Os showing up along the bottom with your pattern. Figuring out the correct codes will pull up different Easter eggs, and there are quite a bit to find, it seems, so get busy clicking. One example is the hotdog/hamburger combo I found that you see above.

You'll know when you find a valid code, because the box around the characters you selected will turn green, and once this happens the default I/O will slide to the left, pulling in the Easter egg image. Getting tired of searching? Here are a few patterns to try out: "OOIIIOOI", "IOOIOOOO", and "IOOOOOOI" (hint: the last one is a game of pong).

The fun doesn't end there, though, with more Easter eggs being scattered around the website. According to the folks over at The Next Web, there are sound effects and hidden pages to be found as well. And cats. Don't forget the cats. Head on over and have a look yourself, then come back and let us know what you discover in the comments!

[via Android Community]