Google now lets you download your Search history (for some reason)

We're waring you: this will get messy. There's a new feature for Google Search, and it's not one that will end well for you or anyone else. You'll feel embarrassed, no matter what the results — that much we promise. While you could already view your search history (bad enough), Google now makes it possible to download your search history. Don't ask us why; we're confused, too. Do I really want to download my search history? Do you? Likely not, but it does have some use-cases.

To actually download your search history, head over to your account history page. Click the gear icon in the top right, and select 'Download'.

From there, Google has some security pointers you should 100% take note of. Once you choose to download, Google will compile your search history into JSON files, and make it available via their Takeout feature. Google will even email when your search history is ready!

I'm sure some will like this feature. A company might want to see the search history of an employee they feel is goofing off on the clock or searching for — ahem — unsavory content. A student might need to prove they sourced material properly for a paper.

I really don't know. I'm reaching for a reason, here. I want this to be more than a means to embarrass yourself, but it's probably not. Have you ever really taken stock of what you search for? It's not pretty.

However much or little you use Google Search, there's one thing for certain: you've searched for weird stuff. Dumb stuff. Funny stuff only you would think is humorous. If you need a downloaded archive of that, Google supports you. I, on the other hand, worry for you.

Via: The unofficial Google Operating System Blog