Google+ now groups spam comments out of sight

The Google+ social network has added a new feature that helps remove spam comments from your posts so you don't have to read them or deal with them. Since Google+ launched any spam comments left on the public posts simply been grayed out leaving you to delete them or hide them. A new update makes dealing with that spam much easier.

Google+ is now taking all the spam comments and grouping them together and then hiding them behind a small indicator beneath the comment count. If you think some normal comments could have been caught in the spam filter, you can click a button titled "show comments removed as spam." The cool part is that you don't have to interact with the spam or ever see these posts once you trust the filter.

I would assume that the Google+ spam filter would be at least as good as the filter Google used in Gmail. I long ago stopped looking at that spam marked Gmail because they were very rarely anything that didn't deserve to be there. It's nice to see Google adding new features to improve the social network.

[via TheNextWeb]