Google Now cards land in latest Chrome Canary build

If you are a fan of Google Now cards, you will be glad to hear that they are now available in the latest Chrome Canary build for Windows and Mac computers. To activate the feature you need to type the address "chrome://flags/#enable-google-now" into the browser and then select enabled. Once you enable the feature and restart the browser, Google Now cards will appear.

Chrome Canary is updated daily and is aimed at developers and early adopters. Like most beta software, the Canary build may not be stable. After the Google Now cards are activated, the user can see a list of all the cards. The cards are displayed via the Chrome notification interface via the Windows system tray or the Mac menu bar.

The user does have to be signed into Chrome to see the Google Now cards. Available cards include weather, sports scores, traffic details, and event reminders. Some of the cards can also be viewed on mobile devices and use location data. The cards that need location data on the computer can be edited on the mobile device.

That means is if you are signed into Google Now on your PC at work in a different city and you left your phone at home charging, you will see localized data for home. You can run Canary and stable builds of Chrome at the same time.

SOURCE: Googlesystem