Google Nexus Q gets root, runs Netflix plus games

It was only a few short hours after the Nexus Q was announced and handed out to antendees at Google I/O 2012 that it was hacked to launch games, and further progress has been made on the social streamer. Hackers over at xda-developers have managed to root the Nexus Q, and users willing to play around with an ADB shell can push apps over to the player, as well as enable the Android launcher to get full Ice Cream Sandwich on a HDTV.

That opens up a world of possibilities for the device, so much so that everything seems to be working with minimal effort. Games seem to run without any issues, assuming you connect a wireless mouse and keyboard, and popular apps like Netflix also run, streaming HD video through the Q without much trouble.

The Nexus Q doesn't ship with a browser, although users have managed to push the normal Android browser as well as Chrome over to the device. After that, you can even compile and install Flash and have the full web at your fingertips, with the 1.2Ghz dual-core processor handling it all with aplomb. With a little bit of effort, the Nexus Q is a versatile little media center, but the price is still a little high at $299.

If you're curious to know more, check out the embedded video below, and also head on over to xda-developers to read the instructions for how to get everything working. If you were on the fence about ordering a Nexus Q, maybe this will change your mind.

[via IntoMobile]