Google News redesign goes live: It's not just you

If you're noticing that Google News looks quite a bit different today, you certainly aren't alone. Google has redesigned its news aggregation service, aiming to make it easier to navigate by giving it a new look. This redesigned user interface seems to be going live today for a lot of people, though some still aren't seeing it just yet.

In any case, if the new Google News has already gone live for you, then you'll see the old listing of links and thumbnail images replaced by a collection of cards, just like the ones used in Google Now. One cool feature is that this new UI saves your spot on the page as you open articles, so you'll be able to pick up browsing Google News where you left off.

The navigation column on the left side of the page is staying and can still be customized with the topics you're interested in reading about, though some categories are moving to the navigation bar at the top of the page. This is where you'll search for specific news items, but the search bar is being joined by three new tabs: Headlines, Local, and For You. The first two tabs are fairly self explanatory, but the For You section attempts to analyze your interests and create a mini-feed that's more relevant to you personally.

Going back to new story cards we mentioned earlier, it's worth noting that they offer more information than the list of links Google News used to display. With these cards, you can see a collection of different stories about the same news item – some of these are meant to give different points of view, while others can be fact check articles. If what's presented in a card isn't enough, you can tap the "view full coverage" link to be taken to a page filled with stories, videos, and tags about that particular item.

Finally, we come to what is perhaps the most important addition with this redesign: a dedicated fact check bar. In the old days of Google News, it wasn't exactly easy to find fact checks about articles that were presented in the feed. This dedicated sidebar aims to provide you with fact checking articles from sources like Snopes and PolitiFact right there on Google News front page, keeping you from seeking them out yourself.

Google says that it's rolling out the new Google News on a global scale over the next few days, so if you don't see it yet, it won't be much longer. Are you seeing the revamped Google News? If you are, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

SOURCE: Google