Google Nest teases something special on Monday

JC Torres - Jul 12, 2020, 8:42pm CDT
Google Nest teases something special on Monday

Home-centric devices have become more relevant and more useful these days, with everyone stuck at home most of the time. From laptops to mobile devices to smart speakers and smart displays, smart devices at home have experienced a surge in demand that some may have even had difficulty supplying. Google might be trying to take advantage of that rise in popularity and has promised something special coming from its Nest smart home brand, maybe even a new Nest Home speaker with a rather unique design.

After being leaked from a Taiwanese regulatory body, Google practically confirmed the existence of a new Google Nest smart speaker. The teasers it sent to news sites clearly showed a Nest speaker like no other smart speaker you’ve seen. Eschewing the standard box and cylinder shapes, it instead embraced both.

Over the weekend, Google warmed up the hype machine and teased something coming on Monday. It didn’t say much other than it’s coming from its Nest brand. Naturally, it sparked theories about that new Nest speaker coming to light.

A more recent teaser, however, could be dousing cold water on that. It mentions a whole month of deals, hinting at something more like a month-long sale rather than anything new. Then again, it also says that Help has many faces, which doesn’t exactly exclude a new face coming along.

Either way, it’s clear that Google Nest is planning something big tomorrow. It hasn’t launched a new smart speaker, especially not one to succeed the Google Home and Nest Mini, so a new speaker is definitely long overdue. Given how it has been focusing on its smart home ecosystem for the past few days, it will be more than just a bargain sale, hopefully.

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