Google My Business now offers faster ways to update profiles

We've become more dependent these days on the Internet to search for information, especially about places or businesses whose hours and policies may have changed in the past months. Unfortunately, those very same businesses may be experiencing difficulties in keeping up-to-date from lack of manpower or for being unable to even go to the office. The need for quick access to information begets the need to quickly update that information and, thankfully, Google is rolling out easier tools to help Business Profile owners keep on top of things.

Businesses have changed drastically this year, many not for the better. Business hours are no longer the usual and many establishments have (or should have) established new requirements to keep their customers safe. More importantly, things can change quickly, even from day to day, and business owners need to keep on their toes to adapt.

Google is helping them by reducing the steps they need to take to update their business profiles. Instead of having to go into their Google My Business consoles, they can simply search for their business in Maps or Search and directly edit their profile from there. Presuming they're logged into the Google account for that business, of course.

In fact, owners can even upload photos, create posts, or reply to reviews right then and there, reducing the need to jump around sites and tools to make quick changes. Google is also providing more free tools that will also let business owners see their performance with better interaction insights.

Being able to respond and react quickly to sudden changes brought about by the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic has been key to the survival of many businesses. It gives customers some reassurance in these uncertain times and can help put agile businesses in a more favorable light. With almost everything moving to the Internet and the Web, it is definitely good that Google is also updating its tools to help its customers iterate faster and keep afloat despite and in spite of all the circumstances.