Google Meet makes it easier to figure out who has their hands raised

Google has announced a bunch of new updates for Google Meet's Hand Raise feature, which is the effect that appears when one of the people on the video chat wants someone's attention. Google says the changes are designed to make it easier for participants to see when someone raises their hand. This is achieved by adding an audio notification, visual animation, changes to the video grid, and more.

Google Meet is the Internet giant's alternative to competing products like Zoom. Users who are participating in a group video chat, such as an online class or friend group, can catch the other participants' attention without being rude by 'raising' their hand in the software. A video notification makes the intention clear, but that assumes other users notice it.

Google said on its Workspace blog that Google Meet users will notice an updated visual hand raise icon that features animation on the user's video tile; it appears in the bottom left corner with the user's name.

The software will show a notification going forward that, when clicked, will show who has their hands raised and the order in which the users raised their hands. As well, the software will automatically 'lower' the user's hand once they start talking.

As well, Google says its software 'may' move the video tiles for people who have raised their hands so that they're more visible within the overall group video grid. As well, users can expect to hear audio notifications the first time someone raises a hand. The feature started rolling out yesterday but may take a couple of weeks before it arrives for everyone. The changes will be available by default.