Google Maps will soon make sure you don't miss your stop

Google Maps and Waze, both owned by Google, have changed the way many of us travel. Their usefulness, however, has so far been best experienced by those walking or driving themselves. Commuters, sadly, aren't as lucky. That will change soon, according to TechCrunch,with an update that will make Maps a bit more commuter-friendly, with bus stop notifications and even notifications on your lock screens.

When traveling to somewhere new, Google Maps at most will tell you where you are and where you're heading. While it will show you stops and stations along the way, it won't always tell you which one you should get off to. And if it does, it won't tell you ahead of time.

Google Maps will soon make such transit less harrowing with two kinds of notifications. One is the notification that will remind you to get off on the next stop, before you miss it and when it actually matters. Even when you're already familiar with the area, the notification could still be useful in case you fall asleep.

The other kind of notification is one that pops up on the lockscreen. No need to lose a few seconds unlocking. And you can even interact with the notification to view your route.

No word yet on when these useful features will be going public, as the tester community has been silent on leaks. Needless to say, it's a much-awaited feature that is long overdue.

VIA: TechCrunch