Google Maps update previewed ahead of launch

Anyone who uses Google Maps regularly will be familiar with the sidebar, which has been a staple part of the design for quite some time. That is about to change, however, according to a couple previews leaked ahead of a planned interface update that we may very well be seeing next week or some time in the near future.

The updated user interface will eschew the traditional sidebar for a series of boxes above the map, which will fill the entire screen after the update if the screenshots are to be believed. The interface is called "more immersive," and suggests that those on mobile devices will find that it works better than the interface that is currently in place. The moved sidebar won't be the only change users see, however.

According to the preview, the current interface is one that is focused on the navigational components of Maps, such as the sidebars and buttons and sliders. That design theory will change with the update, with the new redesigned interface instead featuring a focus on the map itself with the various elements building on top of it rather than taking up its valuable space.

Along with the design's change in focus will be some visual changes, which includes updates to the service's icons, text styles, and the colors of the map itself. When can users expect to see these changes in place? A date isn't provided, but it is worth mentioning the I/O event is coming up, and we may very well see it rolling out then.

[via Google Operating System]