Google Maps update adds filters for finding takeout and delivery food

Google has pushed out another Maps update that makes things easier for businesses and consumers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. With this update, Google Maps features two new search filters: Delivery and Takeout. Both are related to food, of course, helping users figure out which restaurants in their city are still taking food orders. The feature is live on mobile.

States with stay-home orders are no longer allowed to serve customers in their dining rooms, but they can still remain open and take orders. These orders must either be delivered to the customer's home or taken out to them curbside, helping ensure that people stay away from each other. This has proven to be a big disruption for companies that weren't prepared for this kind of arrangement.

Google recently made things a bit easier on consumers by adding a 'temporarily closed' option to business listings on Google Search and Maps; with this, companies can make it known that they've temporarily shut down in light of the coronavirus. Now another update has arrived and it adds takeout and delivery restaurant filters.

Assuming you're in the US, Canada, or France, you can fire up Google Maps on iOS or Android, then tap either the Takeout or Delivery filter options under the search bar to sort for restaurants offering either of those services. Google Maps will pull up a list of nearby restaurants that are accepting orders for either method.

As well, the app is also displaying whether specific restaurants you search for are offering takeout or delivery options. Each listing directs users to the portal where they can place the order, such as the restaurant's website or a third-party delivery service like DoorDash or UberEats. Of course, those latter options also show available restaurants through their own platforms, offering multiple search options to consumers.