Google Maps to get new food photo feature

If you are the type who loves to eat and likes to take photos of whatever it is you are eating, you may recall the Google feature called Tablescape. It is a tool for uploading images of your eats to Google+. Google always said that it was an experiment and after the experiment ended, Tablescape was terminated.

Google did mention at the time Tablescape was ended that the influence of that feature might turn up in future apps. It looks like the item for that influence to turn up elsewhere is here. Google is reportedly testing a new feature in Maps for uploading food related photos.

This sound like a very strange place to put images of food to start, but it could help you decide if you want to try a restaurant if you can see what the food looks like. The new feature asks users to take pictures of restaurants, bars, meals, and drinks.

Those pics can then be posted to Google Maps in two taps. The feature is rolling out to local guides of level 3 and higher first. These folks will get an alert that a new photo has been shared and they can then assign it to the related place on their device and attach that photo for others to see.

SOURCE: Android Police