Google Maps public events can now be added by Android users

Google Maps is one of those little things that have changed the world forever. It has taken navigation that was previously only available via subscription to professional services and made it accessible to all. Part of its success, however, was how it practically crowdsourced gather data that would have statically been impossible for Google to do on its own. In line with that, it seems that Google is adding yet another crowdsourcing feature that would allow almost anyone to add an event for everyone else to see.

The feature is still in its very early days and might not work for everyone, even those in the same location. Android Police theorizes it might have something to do with Local Guide levels but it's almost too random to be certain. The only comfort is that Google's documentation seems to imply that it will be for the general public, at least for regions where it's supported.

Adding a public event seems pretty straightforward. Android users go into the "Your contributions" part of the app and, under the Events tab, tap "Add a public event". You then simply fill in fields for the name, location, and time of the event, optionally adding end times, photos, and other pieces of information.

Right now, some users may experience a lag between submitting an event and seeing it on the map. This could be due to Google still testing the system and ironing out the bugs. Or it could be a feature to allow users to modify the event before it goes live.

Of course, users should keep in mind that these are public events for a reason. Everyone will be able to see them with no expectation of privacy. As with any crowdsourced information, however, users should also remember to take things with a grain of salt as Google will most likely wash its hands clean of any untoward incidents that may occur.