Google Maps' new 'Your Timeline' explores your past travels

Today Google introduced a new feature for Google Maps called 'Your Timeline', and it brings about a way for users to explore the places they have travelled (with Maps, at least). If you're a frequent Google Maps user and you don't stick to the same locations all the time, Your Timeline provides a nice way for you to take a trip down memory viewing your actual real-life trips. The feature works in conjunction with Google Photos to add in some visuals, if applicable.

As expected, Your Timeline is a feature that is private, so you don't have to worry about others poking around your where you've been. Furthermore, the user is given control over the locations Your Timeline will keep, and so you don't have to worry about any incriminating records being kept without you knowing.

Google stresses that if you don't want a day, you can simply delete it — or, if you'd like, you can purge your entire travel history at once. Editing for places is also available, so you can keep a Timeline but remove a particular place from it (got your heart broken there? Just hit delete).

There's also a nicknaming feature for tagging places you might frequent, such as school or your home. If you tag something, it'll start showing up in Google Maps if you're logged in. The feature will only be available if you've opted in to having your location history stored by Google. The feature is available now on Android and desktop.

SOURCE: Google Maps Blog