Google Maps gets up close with HQ Olympics tour

Those residing on foreign shores hoping to experience a piece of England without buying an expensive plane ticket can do so with new high-resolution images courtesy of Google Maps. Google has added a couple of new features to Maps, including the ability to use Street View on Downing Street. Users can now peruse the outside of number ten, the famous residence of the country's prime ministers, and Google has also started to roll out new high resolution map images for various countries across the world.

Google has added high-resolution images for 25 cities and around 72 regions. That includes the Olympic Village towards the east of London, plus a spectacular view of Bryce Canyon in Utah. Not only that, but the company has added new 45 degree angles for 28 cities. The update adds 21 cities in the United States, plus 7 additional countries across the world.

New cities include Munich, Chicago, and Springfield Illinois, with users able to zoom in on various landmarks at a 45 degree angle. Google highlights the Frauenkirche in Munich, and the famous Trump Tower in Chicago. A full list of cities and regions that have received updates is available on Google's website.

The company says that the new updates have rolled out to Google Maps and Google Earth, and more cities and countries will be added in the future for both high resolution images and 45 degree angles. Google can also notify users of any new updates via email thanks to its Follow Your World app.