Google Maps for iOS update adds appointments, new Explore view

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014
Google Maps for iOS update adds appointments, new Explore view

Google Maps for iOS is seeing an update, taking it to version 3.2. The update brings in some useful functionality, like the ability to see search results on the map or in list form. The new Maps will also work better with Gmail, where your appointments will now show up.

Search results will also appear with descriptors, now, so you know if you’ve made the right choice. You can also view results in the map view, or toggle to a list view. Moving between the two views is also really easy.

Heavy Gmail users will also find favor with the new Maps, as appointments and reservations will now show up. If you’ve got a meeting at 3:00, but want to grab a bite just before, your meeting place will show up, and you can find a nearby spot easily.

To find that eatery near your meeting place, try the new Explore view. When you’re at a location on the map, just click the search bar and navigate to the Explore tab. You’ll get info on the map view of all kinds of spots around you. You can even concentrate on categories like Eat or Play.

The update is available now, and makes for a very useful new Maps experience, especially for Gmail users.

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