Google Maps could be banned in Germany due to Microsoft patent lawsuit

Microsoft has hit Google with a lawsuit over the latter company's use of one of its European patents – EP0845124. Thus far, reports state that Google is on the losing end of the spat, and although the ramifications may not be this severe, its Maps service could be banned in Germany as a result. This info comes from the folks over at FOSS Patents.

According to FOSS Patents, Google is on the losing end of this patent war, and the ramifications of such a loss could be large for the Internet giant. The Microsoft patent in dispute is said to be of a "computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor." Google directly uses the patent, and Microsoft is trying to get an injunction against Maps because of it.

Although Google has fought against such an ending, reports state that Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann has told Google the Munich I Regional Court is – as of right now, at least – leaning towards siding with Microsoft, ruling Google as liable for infringement. If it happens, the injunction will be against Google Maps service, including the Android app and Chrome browser.

Google would be forced to block German users from accessing Google Maps, would have to pull its Maps Android app from the nation, and would have to block access to Maps in Chrome or stop distributing it altogether. This fiasco will likely be avoided, however, with Google possibly paying a licensing fee or some other settlement that absolves the issue.

[via Android Community]