Google Maps adds NYC subway service alerts

Google has been very busy adding new features to its Google Maps service over the last several months. The latest addition to the service has been announced this week and brings something that visitors and New York City locals will really appreciate to Google Maps directions. Google Maps now has integrated messages about subway service alerts.

That means if your Google Maps directions send you to a subway to get to your destination, and the particular subway platform suggested has some sort of service alert, those alerts will be offered right in the app or on the driving directions page. That means you'll no longer show up at a platform only to discover that the train is skipping your platform for some reason on that particular day.

Google says the relevant subway alerts will be integrated directly into the step-by-step directions offered to get you to your location. The new service covers any of the 468 New York City subway stations labeled on Google Maps. Subway station alerts are available online via and on the Google Maps for Mobile Android application.

The alerts will allow the user to adjust their travel by choosing another suggested route or changing the departure time. This update should prove very useful for many people during the summertime travel season. Google says that it will continue to roll out new features and to add new cities to Google Maps globally.