Google made a Star Trek Communicator, but you'll never own one

How many times have you been watching a sci-fi series or movie, and thought "I really wish that piece of tech existed"? We've all done that. But how many of us have actually gone on to create one of those gadgets, just to see if it would be useful? Google's Amit Singhal did exactly that.

Singhal, Google's Senior VP of Search, is apparently a big Star Trek fan. He was inspired by the communicator that the crew of the Enterprise used in The Next Generation. And when you work for someone like Google, you can take that idea, and turn it into the real deal.

The device that he and his team created was small enough to fit on your lapel, and had a small mic and speaker in it. You'd be able to tap it, ask a question, and have a response read back to you, just like the computer on the Enterprise. It used Bluetooth to connect to your phone, where we can assume the phone did a simple voice search, and relayed the answer back to the device.

Unfortunately despite how successful it was on the show, the project was ultimately shelved. Perhaps the world wasn't ready for a Star Trek communicator. We're not sure when the device was created, but I'm sure that if they could team up with CBS/Paramount, they'd make a killing off of officially licensed communicators.