Google launches Google+ circles and connections migration tool

If you have a lot of connections and data on Google+, and you would like to transfer your Circles and other data to a new account a new tool is available that can make that happen. Google+ product manager Roland Ho has announced that a new tool is available through Google Takeout. The tool will migrate circle names, circle members, circle settings, and people and pages you have blocked or ignored to a new account.

A caveat to the tool is a seven-day waiting period before your data transfer will begin. During the seven-day waiting period users can cancel the transfer before it starts by clicking the cancel transfer button at the bottom of the page on either your existing account or your new one. One other caveat for people trying to transfer data from one account to another that might be an issue arises if either the source or destination accounts are managed by an organization.

Accounts managed by an organization could have transfer blocked by the account administrator. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you won't be able to use the migration tool again for six months on either of the accounts. The transfer is also permanent in once it begins it can't be stopped or undone. Account functionality during the transfer is limited with users unable to share content and add, remove, or block people in circles.

[via 9to5 Google]