Google Launches Chrome 11, Bug Fixes, Security Updates, And New Speech Input

Google today launched the stable release version of Chrome 11. The updated browser brings numerous bug fixes and security enhancements, plus a brand new logo. Google has been releasing new versions of Chrome almost every six weeks since last summer and have listed over 3.700 changes made with this latest stable release.

Some of the Chrome 11 changes include bug fixes in cloud printing, new hardware accelerated 3D CSS, updated security of its built-in version of Adobe Flash, and user agent string changes that bring it in line with the changes made in Firefox 4. The browser update also addressed 25 security vulnerabilities, 15 of which were ranked as high.

However, the feature that Google highlighted was a new speech input function implemented with HTML 5. The new feature works seamlessly with Google Translate to provide speech-to-text capabilities. Newly embedded on the translate page is a microphone icon, which you can click to speak your input that converts into text. It appears to only work with English at this time. Chrome 11 is ready for download now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

[via CNET]