Google Keyboard update makes one-handed typing even easier

There are times when you're using your phone, and you just don't have two free hands to operate everything. If you need to occasionally use your Android phone with just one hand, you'll be happy to know that Google has recently released a huge update to their keyboard. And it's going to make your one-handed life a lot easier.

The company released the 5.0 version of their keyboard, which brings with it a lot of new features. One of the biggest of these is the ability to activate the one-handed mode with ease. Now to do this, you only need to hold down the comma key. This will now act as a toggle between the two modes.

If you don't like the size of the keyboard, Google has now included a Keyboard Height slider, which lets you choose how short or tall you want it to be.

The keyboard now lets you do gesture typing, which is quite familiar for anyone who uses Swype. This includes the ability to swiping the Delete key to delete words, or swiping on the space bar to move your cursor one direction or the other.

Google Keyboard will also learn words as you use them. If it learns something that you've misspelled, or you just want to unlearn something, you can longpress and drag the suggested word to the trash, and it will be forgotten.

Some other tidbits are the ability to access both the numberpad and your emoji from the symbol page. While not a huge change, it will certainly make things a little easier. Finally, You can choose from two different (dark and light) themes, as well as choose to show the key boarders, if you have a specific preference.

You can now update the Google Keyboard from the Play Store, or you can download it from APKMirror here.