Google Keep update brings new look, real-time edits

If you use a digital to-do list, Google Keep might be the one you turn to for Android. The app syncs across devices, and even has a decent web landing spot and Chrome extension. Now it's got Material Design, too. Google is announcing today that their note taking and to-do app is receiving an upgrade, which keeps it current with the recent surge of apps that have been updated to fit Google's new design philosophy. There are also some cool new features to compliment the visual upgrade.

Keep brings in some real-time love, syncing lists across devices and letting you see edits as they happen. If you're at home, and share a shopping list with someone, you'll see them crossing things off as they actually do so.

Google has also improved their search feature in Keep. Users can now filter searches by color, and choose to see only shared lists. Image and audio files are also filter options, now.

Great update all around, but Keep is still in its own silo. It doesn't integrate with Drive, making it hard to use for productivity if you have lists or notes there. Google is also still shunning iOS with Keep, an odd choice considering their other services are available via Apple's platform.

If you want to give it a whirl, the Chrome extension and web version are already updated. If you've got Keep on your Android phone, it will update over the nest few days.

Source: Google