Google Keep for Android Wear allows hands free note-taking

Just like Google's latest updates for Android Wear, Google Keep's organization app for Android Wear is allowing you to do more from your wrist. From now on, to view your grocery list, you won't need to keep your phone in one hand, fumbling to launch an app, while you grab for a gallon of milk with the other hand. If you have an Android Wear powered smartwatch you'll be able to interact with your Google Keep notes, practically hands-free.

Keep's Android Wear features can be accessed by simple dictation. Just say "OK, Google, open Keep" and you'll be able to scan through notes on your wrist. The biggest improvement is the new user interface that allows you to access all of your notes, even photo reminders. To peruse through your list of Keep notes, swipe up or down.

If you suddenly remember something that you need to jot down, you can make new notes on the smartwatch by dictating, "OK, Google, take a note." The app also added the ability to add recurring reminders.

So you can keep all your notes organized, Keep's Android app and web platform will now let you add labels to notes. The labels will appear on your smartwatch UI, too.

You can download Google Keep from the Google Play store, or get the web version from the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Official Andrioid Blog