Google Keep arrives in Chrome Web Store for cross-platform notes

Google's answer to the heaps of note-taking apps out there is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Google Keep has come to the desktop after being released on Android back in March, allowing users to take notes on their computer and have them synced up to their Android devices for on-the-go use.

With the Chrome app, Google Keep opens in its own window, allowing you to experience the app in full web browser mode. It also supports offline mode, so if you're not around a WiFi connection, you can still jot down notes, and the app will save them locally until your computer is back online, where it will then sync changes to your Android device.

Google was released as an Android-only app back in March, and it's basically Google's answer to Evernote and other note-taking apps out there on the market. Keep aims to be a central place to jot down notes and record things that you want to come back to later, including photos, websites, lists, etc. All your notes are stored in Google Drive and synced across all your devices.

You can read our review of Google Keep to learn more about it, but essentially, it's not an Evernote competitor just yet. However, we really like the design of Google Keep and it's quickness with navigating around the app. It definitely has potential, and we're sure that we'll see more features for it in the future.