Google is making it easier to find Oscar-nominated movies

Google is making it easier for users to find content related to the Oscars using its Search platform. As of today, Google Search now has a 'dedicated experience' for the Oscars 2020 that shows things like the event's history, past winners, and current nominees. The portal is joined by short-form videos, easy access to Oscar-nominated films, and more.

Generally speaking, users can find all sorts of information about the 2020 Oscars by searching for things like an actor's name with the word 'Oscars' in the search query. Google is presenting live images of stars at the event in Search sourced from Getty, as well as video highlights directly from ABC.

Searching for 'Oscars 2020' on Google will pull up a series of short-form videos from nominated actors, costume designers, film editors and more. As well, searching for 'What to watch' in Google Search before the Oscars on Sunday will result in a list of this year's Oscar-nominated movies. Users can tap each listed movie for links to where it is available to watch and more.

Google is also using its Google Trends page to show data on movies, stars, directors, and others related to the Oscars. Users can view the top searches, trends over time, and more. This is available now and will remain available after the Oscars.

Finally, users can also ask Google Assistant for information about the Oscars, eliminating the entire 'typing' part of the search process. Questions can include things like who won Best Picture, when the Oscars start, and similar things. Google will make many Oscars moments available in GIF form on its Tenor platform, too.