Google is hunting for helpers in the autonomous car future

Google has a fleet of the autonomous vehicles that have been testing for several years now. These cars are able to travel to destinations without any input from a driver. There are still years of testing to go before these vehicles come to the mainstream market, but many states are already working on rules for allowing autonomous vehicles to be driven and tested on roads around the country.

Google is set to move forward and is actively looking for partners in Detroit for its autonomous vehicle future. Google wants to bring the autonomous innovations in its fleet of vehicles to market within the next decade. Google does say that it still needs "millions of miles" of testing to be completed before it is ready to sell any autonomous vehicles. I have to wonder whether Google's autonomous tech will somehow go hand-in-hand with advertisements. Google is known for offering its technology free, such as its Android operating system, because it can serve ads to the platform.

I can see something along the lines of and ad on an in-vehicle display popping up while you're driving down the road. Google is investigating several opportunities to advanced autonomous vehicles, including partnering with automakers and offering systems as aftermarket installations. Google could also do just as I said and offer the autonomous tech for free to drive the use of other services such as Android as an in-car infotainment platform. However, Google's Anthony Levandowski does point out that he's not suggesting Google is going to give the tech away.

"We're talking to every car company to see what their level of excitement is," said Anthony Levandowski.

[via WSJ]