Google+ is growing with 27% gain in March

When it comes to social networks, Facebook is certainly the king. Google has had its own social network for a while now called Google+ and many people think that social network is a virtual ghost town. Admittedly, compared to Facebook it is. However, Google+ is growing at an impressive rate. The latest numbers are in from Experian Hitwise showing impressive growth in March compared to February.

The numbers show that Google's social network grew 27% in March compared to the previous month for a total of 61 million visits. Google's Larry Page and claimed last week that Google+ had 100 million active users. That number showed a gain of 10 million compared to the figures offered in January. Page did find the numbers were scrutinized by many well since Google didn't note how it defined an active user.

Much of the reason for that scrutiny of how an active user is defined came after comScore data showed that the average Google+ user spent only 3.3 minutes on the network in January. Naturally, Google argued against the numbers that comScore posted.

[via Mashable]