Google is adding new Now Cards, pairing up with 70 new apps

The Google app for Android is about to roll out some new updates, adding an additional 70 Google Now cards to its repertoire. The latest Now cards are designed to add new functionality to popular apps like Spotify, RunKeeper, Airbnb, and eBay. The Now cards from Google make it possible to interact with your apps without having to open them.

Even before this, we've recently seen the Google app add some neat features for Android users, like the ability to control your phone from Google searches, allowing you to push notes, alarms, and directions from a desktop browser to your smartphone. Google also added the ability to find your phone using a Google search, making it easier to recover a lost phone after a night of drunken debauchery.

For Spotify users on Android, Now cards will be able to make recommendations based on your preferences. So, you'll be able to turn to Google for the perfect playlist for that upcoming road trip. Zipcar will update you with end times for your reservations and even give you driving directions to the designmated return spot. You can get also nudges from fitness apps like Jawbone, Runkeeper, and Adidas to stay on track with your summer fitness goals.

If you end up slacking on said fitness goals, and order a giant banh mi sandwich delivered to your door using Eat24, you'll can get delivery status updates all the way to your porch. If you have time to cook, there's also an Now card which pushes a recipe of the day from AllRecipes. When you dine out, you can now pay your bill from OpenTable.

As always with Google Now cards, be sure that you are using the latest version of the Google app and any partnering apps. The new cards will roll out over the next few weeks.