Google IP addresses link Indian contractor to vandalism of Open Street Map

Someone hiding behind a range of Google IP addresses in India has been up to no good. Allegedly, the person or persons behind the range of Google IPs have been accessing the open-source map project called Open Street Map and using tools there to vandalize maps of major cities. The vandalism has included things that could get some users of the map into danger.

ReadWriteWeb reports that the vandals have moved and or deleted some map details and has changed the direction of traffic flow on one-way streets. This is the same range of IP addresses that were busted stealing data from a database owned by Mocality. The data in that case was used to call and offer paid placements in a deal said to be with Google and Mocality.

Google is investigating the allegations, and I am sure we will hear more on this. Google can't be happy that someone is using its IP addresses to commit these acts. Open Street Map has found two accounts that have modified streets in New York, London and other cities since last week. There is an investigation going on, and it seems the vandalism may be very widespread. Open Street Maps claim that there are at least 17 accounts that have accessed its maps from the Google IPs to the tune of 100,000 times in the last year.

[via ReadWriteWeb]