Google Home Mini reportedly crashes when used at high volume

The Google Home Max, launching in less than two weeks, is supposed to be Google's audiophile contender. The old Google Home was more or less decent but the Google Home Mini was probably never meant to be used to jam. Still, you wouldn't expect it to crash and burn, not literally thankfully, when you do use it for rocking out to your favorite music. Unfortunately, some owners are discovering exactly that and Google is still in the dark as to its cause.

The Home Mini's speakers aren't all that great, to be honest, but when you have nothing else around that could stream your music out loud, you don't have much of a choice. Of course, you could just use your phone, but Google Assistant isn't always around to assist on all phones.

Whatever your reason for using the Home Mini for playing music, don't do it at high, and especially maximum, volume. Depending on which music you are playing, or your luck, your Google Home Mini might crash and reboot unceremoniously.

There is still no theory, even from affected users, as to what causes the crash. Some, however, has found certain songs, played at 100% volume, will crash the device guaranteed. Those include Lorde's Royals and Jayden Smith's "Icon" (some seem to think the crash is well-deserved for that last one).

Google has already been made aware of the issue but is still gathering reports and trying to figure it out as well. Given the Home Mini's earlier problems, and the Pixel 2's still growing list of issues, some might be starting to wonder if Google even has what it takes to be making its own devices.

VIA: Google Product Forums, Reddit