Google Home can now finally set and manage reminders

Smart speakers that house smart assistants have become quite the tech fad, allowing you to control your digital life with voice alone. Well, almost. If you are using a Google Home, you'd be painfully aware of how you can't actually do one of the most important task of living a digital lifestyle: setting reminders. Well now you can! Or rather as soon as you receive this update to Google Home that finally lets you set and manage your reminders without even touching your phone.

While it's definitely cool to be able to ask Google Assistant to tell you the weather today, turn off the lights, or start streaming your music, normal day to day life doesn't always involve those actions. Sometimes we also need to get down and dirty with productivity, in which case Google Home was more of a let down until this update came along. Now you can set, delete, or know your reminders, either from the Google Home app or, perhaps more conveniently, directly on Google Home itself. The feature fortunately works with multiple users so you won't have to worry about reminders getting mixed up.

Now you can easily create a time-based reminder using the format "Remind me to [title] [date] [time]." Or if you want something that will recur every so often, say "Remind me to [action] [frequency] [time]." You can then later ask your Google Home what your reminders are for tomorrow or for all of them. You can even "search" for reminders, in which case it will tell you when you're supposed to do the action. And, of course, you can delete any and all reminders if you so wish. Turning off the ability to set and manage reminders, however, has to be done on the mobile app.

There are some caveats to this wonderful new feature, however. For one, you can only create time-based reminders for now. Location-based ones aren't supported yet. For another, it's only available for users in US, UK, Australia, and Canada and only in English. The update has just started rolling out so it might take a while before it reaches you.

SOURCE: Google