Google has submitted Google+ iPhone app for approval

If you are one of the geeks that were able to get an early invite to Google+ from us or someone else and have found that the service is very addictive you aren't alone. I would bet that a number of the people that find Google+ so appealing are also using the iPhone and wishing there was an app for Google+ already. Googler Erica Joy posted to her own Google+ account yesterday that an official app had been submitted to Apple for approval. Exactly when the app was submitted is unknown.

Joy did state that the app wasn't sent in for approval yesterday and said it was submitted "sometime prior to today." The app is apparently waiting for approval. Anything approval with Apple is far from guaranteed. The censors at Apple could find that Google+ conflicts with one of its own apps so we will only know when it gets approved once we get word from Google.

The app will work for the iPhone and iPad. There have been several comments in the original post thread asking about an Windows Phone version and there has been no mention of that version coming soon. I would bet that Windows Phone and other major platforms will eventually get an app for Google +.