Google+ Hangouts On Air adds rewind option

If you use Google+ and enjoy hangouts that have live video, you may have showed up late to the party and wished that there was a rewind button so you can catch up with what you missed. Google says that a rewind button for live Hangouts On Air video has been one of the most requested features. Google has announced the addition of that update and several other changes.

Users can now rewind live broadcasts no matter when they started watching. That means you can always go back to the beginning of a live video even if you only show up a few minutes before it ends. Another update Google has added is the ability to access recordings immediately after your broadcast. A as soon as your video wraps, recording will be waiting for you on YouTube.

Google has also enabled the ability to watch higher-quality On Air video on mobile devices. The higher-quality video is designed to make viewing Hangouts On Air video from your mobile device more enjoyable. Another nice new feature that Google has added is the ability to start your live broadcast without having to refresh.

This feature allows the video to start playing automatically when the show starts rather than users having to refresh. One potential downside to these new features is that it could take longer to set up your Hangout On Air video. Google says that the Start broadcasting button can be grayed out for a bit before turns red and is ready to use, as things are readied in the background.

[via Google Plus]