Google grabs for 90% of Microsoft Office users

Microsoft has two bread-and-butter software products that generate the vast majority of the company's revenue. Those two software products include the Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite. Microsoft invests heavily in both of the software product offerings. While Microsoft still has the computer operating system market pretty much locked up, things aren't so secure in the productivity environment.

Google rolled out its own online productivity suite to battle Microsoft Office a long time ago. Google has had success in luring some enterprise customers away from Office to its Web-based productivity applications. Google is now saying that in 2013 it wants to take 90% of Office users away from Microsoft.

Google VP and head of the Google Enterprise unit Amit Singh said, "Our goal is to get to the 90 percent of users who don't need to have the most advanced features of Office." Google wants to win all the customers who only use basic functionality of Microsoft Office. Google has been working to improve its Enterprise offerings.

When Google Apps originally launched they were free to use in an attempt to woo enterprise customers to give the Google offerings and try. Google has recently started charging users to access these apps. Singh says that while Google knows there are gaps between its features and features that Microsoft offers, it's continually adding features and improvements to its service in an attempt to win the 90% of Office users.

[via Forbes]