Google Goggles 1.6 for Android now scans photos in the background

Google Goggles for Android has just gotten an update to version 1.6 that will make using the feature easier than before. The Goggles app allows you to take photos of pretty much anything and then have the photo submitted to Google's servers to find relevant search results. For instance, you can snap a photo of a landmark and Google will be able to return relevant information regarding that landmark. Now, the app is even more convenient to use.

The Google Goggles 1.6 update now brings the Goggle's functionality directly to the camera on your Android devices. This means that instead of having to open up the app to take a snapshot for the feature to work, you can now simply take photos straight with your phone's camera and then Goggles will scan and analyze the photo in the background, making for a much smoother process.

If Goggles recognizes something in any of the photos it will notify you through the app. However, you must opt-in to the feature for it to work. Photos from your phone's camera will only be seen by Goggles if you enable the "Search from Camera" feature in the Google Goggle's settings menu. The 1.6 update is available now and works for Android 2.1 and above.

[via Google]