Google Glass specs: 16GB of storage, 5MP camera, and more

Google has been rolling out a variety of Glass-related materials following its announcement on Monday that Explorer edition pairs were in production and some would possibly begin shipping today, with the rest following in waves in the near future. Nearly a year after they were unveiled at Google's I/O, we finally have a run down of the device's specs.

According to a Glass support page made public by Google, the device will have a 5-megapixel camera with up to 720p video recording and 16GB of storage contained in what is said to be a durable frame that is one-size-fits-all (with the aid of adjustable nose pieces). If you're wondering how the display will look, according to the support pages, it will be fairly pleasant.

The display is said to be equivalent to looking at 25-inch high definition television from a distance of 8-feet, meaning it won't appear terribly large, but certainly won't have you squinting in an effort to make things out. Audio is delivered via bone conduction, and a single battery charge is said to last all day, so you won't have to part with the headset halfway through the day to recharge.

Connectivity includes standard 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as a micro USB port for data transfer and charging (users are advised to use the Glass-specific charger rather than a generic one). Finally, compatibility is with any Android smartphone running 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, as well as the MyGlass app, which is now available from the Google Play Store.

[via Droid-Life]