Google Glass research could aid those with Parkinson's

Possible uses for Google Glass have been detailed since the device's unveiling, the latest of which focuses on aiding those with Parkinson's disease. A team of researchers at Newcastle University were on the receiving end of five pairs of Glass, which they're using in conjunction with Parkinson's-afflicted volunteers.

Though the study is described as still being described as in its "very early days," the research has moved from its initial phase — exploring whether Glass was an acceptable tool — to a secondary phase, where the team is focusing on using Glass to provide the volunteers with "discreet prompts" related to the disease.

The secondary phase revolves around prompts like reminders to take medication, upcoming doctors appointments, and reminders for things applicable to the user, like a reminder to speak up. Sensors could also be utilized to help those suffering from "freezing" behavior, which is a common symptom.

Not surprisingly, under the trial, Glassware will be developed tailored to the mission. The researchers have noted that volunteers for the trial — though still in its early period — have taken to the wearable technology, and see potential value in using the device as an aid.

Said one of the researchers, "The last thing we want is a system of cueing which is so obvious it adds to people's overall embarrassment. Wearable computing is still quite novel but as more people buy into the technology and start to wear it out and about for leisure then systems such as Glass offer us a real opportunity for the long-term treatment of progressive conditions."

VIA: Android Community