Google Glass Glassware native apps off to sporty start with Thuuz

Thuuz has released a Glassware version of its sports tracking app for fans who want to keep close tabs on their favorite teams while wearing Google Glass. This Glassware lets users set their favorite teams, subscribe to professional sports journalists and "super fans" who know their stuff, and get alerts when there's an especially exciting sports moment happening that they might want to tune in to.

Other sports-related Glasswares exist and will no doubt proliferate as time goes on, but Thuuz Sports' differentiating feature is the proprietary algorithm by which it determines what constitutes an "exciting sports moment". Using a combination of scoring patterns and social media buzz, it rates ongoing games on a scale from zero to 100. Depending on your settings, it issues you an alert when a game heats up. This (amusing) promo video should give you an idea as to how it works in real life:

It also lets you set up a personal profile to track ongoing and upcoming games, view a feed of current events pertaining to your favorite players and teams, synchronize with third-party fantasy sports apps, and connect with friends who also use Thuuz Sports. Users can activate this Glassware app in MyGlass.

Having launched in 2010 and partnered with a variety of TV providers, sports networks and personal electronics companies, Thuuz Sports is already well established as an iOS, Android, and TiVo app. It is one of the first Glasswares to be approved by the Glassware Review Process, which is a stringent set of specifications for approval and a hands-on, human review by Google Glass employees for icon size, usability, and so on.

SOURCE: Marketwire