Google Glass firmware update brings in more of your contacts

Google Glass is getting a lot more useful today, as a firmware update brings in some needed features to the heads-up wearable. A new way to access and communicate with your contacts is incoming, but that's not all. You can now access your entire contacts list, and keep an extended number handy for when you need to get hold of them quickly.

Using Google Contacts as a backbone, you can now get access to your entire list via Glass. Previously, only ten contacts were reachable via Glass. Why they are just now using Google Contacts — we can't say.

To reach a contact, just tap on their name via the touchpad. From there, Google Glass offers up their Hangouts, Email, or phone number for SMS for getting hold of them. Your 20 most recent contacted contacts — or a mix of recently contacted and starred folks — are accessible via voice control. The rest of your contacts list is accessible via swipe and tap.

It's a useful feature, but perhaps another bit of too little, too late. The fervor around Glass has died down considerably, even after the wearable was made available to the public. Still, it's ahead of its time, so we'll cut it plenty of slack before deeming it DOA.

If you're a Glass owner, you should expect he update to be rolling out any time now.