Google Glass Explorer edition starts shipping today

Some exciting news just popped up in our inbox about the increasingly popular and coveted Google Glass. Word has swirled for a little while now that the wearable devices could start shipping in the next month, and we've just received word from Google that such rumors are reality. Not only that, but they teased us with some other details, including that some shipments may go out today.

Google Glass was unveiled at Google's I/O in San Francisco about a year ago, and according to Google, those who pre-ordered (ahem) will see their device shipping in the very near future – perhaps even today. The annoucement came from Google straight to our inbox, and those who ordered the Explorer edition will be getting their own emails any time now.

Says Google, approximately 2,000 individuals pre-ordered Glass Explorer who are keen to get elbow deep into Project Glass development. What's better, Google says that "the hardware and software are now ready for you." Deciphering that slightly cryptic tease, it seems the software – which isn't finalized yet – is up to par for developers to pick through.

Furthermore, Google says that quite a few pairs of Google Glass are coming off the production line today, saying, "we want to start delivering them to you now." Which suggests that they're shoveling some out to shipment today, but they didn't come right out and say it. Regardless, shipments are going out in waves and those who pre-ordered won't have to wait much longer. Are you excited? Because we are, to understate it a thousand times over.

[via Android Community]