Google Glass Explorer Edition final update: What you need to know

Google has announced the final software update for its Google Glass Explorer Edition wearable. Early next year, this update will be released and remove support for the devices; they will no longer have access to Google's backend services nor will users be able to use them with a Google account. Obviously, this update won't impact the Enterprise Edition version of Glass.

The final update was revealed in a new document on Google's Support website, where the company explains that users will need to manually install this Glass update. Doing so will require the user to download the signed image file, then unzip it and run a series of commands that Google provides here.

You'll to update your smartglasses in order to continue using the device; Google will make it impossible to sign in to Glass starting on February 25. The glasses will continue to work beyond that date if you're logged in and continue to stay logged in, according to Google, though apps like YouTube and Gmail will stop working.

If you log out after February 25, however, you won't be able to use Glass Explorer Edition until you manually update them. After updating, users will still be able to pair Glass with their smartphone and use the smartglasses to capture videos and images, plus they'll still be able to sideload apps.

Obviously, users will be able to update their Glass device at any time after February 25, but should be do so before then to avoid a disruption. Google says it will make the manual update available to download until February 25, 2022, after which point it will be taken down. The MyGlass app will stop working after this update, so you'll need to pair the smartglasses with your phone using Bluetooth.

Image by Dan Leveille via Wikimedia